Brand Story

TOPlay Inc is established in 2007, and aims to provide users a new choice- the natural hearing solutions without obstructing our auditory system. TOPlay firstly launched the patented Open Guided Sound earphones for personal sound enjoyments in 2 major forms- the extreme comfortable hanger and the magclip types. Both types provide key features for users including the sensational balance, sound pressure releasable in ears and comforts, 3D surrounding audio effects, clear and professional sounds, and also the surrounding awareness.

With the customer’s encouragements, TOPlay studied and successfully developed the TrueOpenTM hearing assistive solutions in 2013. TOPlay’s TrueOpenTM technology allows the hearing assistive devices utilize OGS earphones without the screaming echo effects, and less background noises. Working with wireless receivers, the TrueOpenTM hearing aid helps users live convenient with a variety of different life styles as easy as using other modern audio devices.